Lina Zuniga was introduced to the world of beauty as a high school student where she studied and excelled in several cosmetology courses. It was during this time that Lina acquired a love for Makeup as she considered it an art and, like a true makeup addict, began freelancing part-time. As the years went by, her admiration for having the power to transform increased her interest in the makeup industry. Lina’s ability to create subtle natural looks as well as dramatic and artistic looks are only a portion of her many talents.

Lina found that the consistent positive feedback and gratitude she received from her clients was directing her more in the pursuit of a professional Makeup Artist as a career choice. Today, Lina freelances full time and is sought out by many to work photo shoots, production, weddings, fashion shows, music videos, and events. Her passion for makeup allows her to execute a client’s desired look and so much more.

Lina currently offers makeup classes online and in person to makeup enthusiasts all over the country. Lina Zuniga Makeup has become a beauty brand consisting of must-have products including her amazing 3D Mink Lash Line.